About B-group

At B-group, we strongly believe that successful construction doesn’t start with what you can do, but with how you approach it.

Everyone in their own discipline.

Because you can never build alone. In the construction process, you always work in great dependence on each other. As partners in the chain.

But being a partner isn’t the same as working well together yet.


Why is that?

First: every project is perceived as unique.

Second: thinking in processes is not a given in construction.

And third: working well together is a challenge.

You can’t solve that easily, but it’s possible!

We do it like this (and if not, we don’t do it):

  1. We work extremely systematically. We step back when necessary, and three steps forward when possible.
  2. We provide maximum transparency. All cards on the table!
  3. From day one, we move forward together with all parties. Simultaneously and equally.

That’s what we call “Samen. Gebouw. Bewust.”, Together. Building. Conscious.


Making conscious choices

B-group creates, grounds, and realizes buildings from this perspective.

We do this with a diverse and energetic team of solution-oriented people. And with remarkably much attention to an understandable construction process.

Making conscious choices is natural for us. By considering the local environment and the world as a whole. We always carefully weigh all pros and cons and always seek the best balance. This enables us to efficiently realize very valuable and beautiful buildings time and again.

Maybe next time with you!

B-group consists of the following entities:

Designer of experience

Design agency B-too stands for original and sparkling architecture and interior designs. We do this for companies and individuals who value professionals who understand and empathize with you. With a sense of humor, empathy, and plenty of inspiration, we understand the art of design and shaping: those are our core values.

B-too knows what it’s doing. We don’t sell interiors. We design places where people feel good. Never conceived from behind a desk. For that, we look around, feel the space, meet people, and listen to your stories.


Enthusiastic construction improvers

B-invented is an engineering firm with an approach that must suit you. We do things differently than others.

Our goal is to optimize the process of your construction project. We want to make this process straightforward and minimize the loops. This means we quickly identify a bottleneck and solve it easily. That’s why we align our designs and calculations with your own wishes as a client and the characteristics of all other parties involved in the construction from the beginning. By bringing together that knowledge and craftsmen in advance, we can optimize the entire construction process.

This ensures that the final realization proceeds smoothly, without worries and with complete budget control.

Smart at the core!

Substructure constructions have been made in the same way for decades. Moreover, many different parties are involved in the process.

The B-smart foundation methodology was not developed to introduce a new product to the market but was necessary to optimize the entire construction process of substructure constructions.

B-smart has made the substructure process smart in every way.

We do wood construction!

Wood construction has different rules than traditional building methods. This creates new challenges, but more importantly, new architectural possibilities and systems. We see our knowledge and experience in traditional construction as an enrichment since we can thoughtfully determine whether wood construction is the most rational choice or if a hybrid model might be more suitable.

B-leaf is an essential link in reinforcing B-group’s core value of ‘conscious’. We consciously choose materials and are also aware of the impact we have on current and future society. B-leaf contributes significantly to this by providing project-based integrated wood construction solutions. This way, we work towards a construction world where bio-based materials will play an increasingly important role.

Makes building fun!

B-happy is an all-round construction partner that provides architecture, engineering, and complete realization for all types of buildings. From industrial halls and logistics complexes to offices, apartments, and houses.

We mainly work for professional clients.

In addition, we develop innovative visions such as exclusive villas, ‘vertical neighborhoods,’ and visions for primary care centers and custom care homes.